Thrive Life Consultant Benefits

Earning Potential & Thrive Life Consultants Benefits for You

When looking at what your work earns you, I would divide the Thrive Life consultant benefits into three primary categories: monetary, in-kind benefits and personal.

Monetary Benefits:

Each month you earn money, depending on your volume of sales, from your Q Club Orders, your Non-Q Club Sales and Team Building.

Q Orders
Monthly Non-Q-2
Team Building

Builder Bonus

In keeping you motivated for sharing Thrive, in 2017 the company added the Builder Bonus. If you meet minimum goals of signing up 4 new Q Club members and add 2 new team members your commissions have the potential to increase by 100%! Meet the goal the first month, they increase 50%. Meet the goal in the following month, they increase 100%! (See chart below) This is a very generous and doable program while you are sharing and educating others about Thrive!

So How Does this Translate?  


​If you want to strive for the Emerald level, which was added in 2017, and enjoy building teams, here is how you achieve the extra half percent bonus on your levels 4 to 6.  (If you are a platinum or below rank, you can only earn commissions on team levels 1-3.)



Thrive has consultant contests in which you are eligible to win free trips. Ask me about it!

In-Kind Benefits

1. Party Sales

  • Host Benefits for those parties in which you are the host, whether in your home, online, etc. For an ideal of what the benefits are as a host, whether it is a customer or yourself, see my Host Benefits Chart
  • Host Supplies Benefits: Get a 50% off retail price discount, up to $100, for qualified parties
  • Get all products at the lowest available price, which can be up to 45% or greater (This helps you save more money on your groceries as well many costs associated with preparing for natural emergencies either with food or water storage, solar power, etc.)

2. Training

  • Thrive has an online training program that you can take as many times you want, called “the Path”, at no charge
  • Thrive provides weekly free training on various topics free. (Note: Some well-known companies charge their consultants for training.)
  • Provides regional training during the year at various hotels, usually on weekends. (If there is a charge it is usually for the catered lunch. Those without meals have been done free-of-charge.)
  • As a member of the Survive-Thrive team, you get training on food quality and supply issues, health issues and economic trending.

3. Resources

  • As a member of the Survive-Thrive team (after becoming a consultant) you’ll get access to dynamic exhibits, presentation and marketing tools created exclusively by me free of charge that have a copyright to protect both you and me from distribution outside of our team. (You copy what you want. Terms and conditions apply to protect the intellectual work product.)
  • You can use my monthly newsletters, with multiple consumer articles, to send to your customers keeping them apprised of relevant current events, analysis, monthly and special sales without charge (Terms and conditions apply).
  • If you want to do exhibits or shows, after training, you can enter our expo pool, making it cost effective for leads.
  • If you don’t have a website, you can use the materials on the for marketing purposes. (It is your responsibility to train your customers to buy at your webstore. This website is an effective marketing tool. Terms and conditions apply)

Personal & Business Benefits

  • Actually providing a service to others with their health, saving on the escalating grocery bills or assisting in their emergency preparedness plans rather than just getting compensated.
  • Learning about health, food quality, food chain supply and other topics which, if applied, help you become healthier and wiser stewards of your resources.
  • Develop your business skills with low level financial risk.
  • Have your own business where you set the hours, goals and commitment based upon your vision, career and desires.
Consultant with computer
  • Although you own your own business, you’ll be connected to others with resources so you’re not trying to start a business “alone”.
  • Not required to keep inventory. This lowers your overhead and eliminates you having to pay a business inventory tax in many localities. By not keeping inventory in your home it also eliminates the need to add and pay for a rider on your homeowner’s insurance policy. (I recommend you contact your homeowners insurance company and find out your deductible, whether claims are paid for their actual value verses their replacement value and how much home business property would be covered in the event of a claim for fire, theft, etc.)
  • Additional tax benefits/writeoffs from running a business from your home. (Please talk to your accountant or tax lawyer about the ones in which he/she thinks you will be eligible.) You’ll be surprised what an additional savings this is, depending on your tax bracket or whether you and your spouse are near a tax bracket elevation.
  • Assist you in developing your interpersonal skills, marketing, small group or public speaking, writing, and many more skills that are transferable to any entrepreneurial venture or small business you wish to invest.

These are some of the primary Thrive Life consultant benefits when you join Thrive Life and the food and health ministry. I hope you find this useful as a framework.

Questions, just ask me or your ministry team member. Want to know if a specific Thrive consultant is part of our food and health ministry you can either call Thrive Life at 801 756-9902 or email me at “thrive” at “northstate” dot “net”.

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