Thrive Consultant Training

Thrive Consultant Training

In factoring any business opportunity a material consideration is whether any training is offered. One can learn to succeed from the college of hard knocks, but that kind of training without any type of support is rather painful, costly and substantially slows down one’s time in achieving their goals. To accelerate you on the success path Thrive Life as part of its Thrive consultant training developed an interactive training program called the PATH.

The PATH was added Spring 2013. It’s free.  I have completed it. I wish I had had it when I first started as it would have accelerated me about 3 or 4 months in my knowledge base.

Here is more information about the PATH:

Path Thrive Consultant training

The Path is very useful in accelerating any Thrive consultant’s training and knowledge base


Additional Team Training for Those Who Join My Team

Independent of the Path, I try to provide additional training to consultants on my team. Your success is my success.

I do this in a variety of ways. I try to tailor to my consultant’s primary learning style. I know that is important since I teach graduate students in a MBA program. Besides being available to conference one-to-one by phone, here are some of the additional ways I provide support:

  • Provide one to one tutoring at a public expo event;
  • Assist you with a home party;
  • Get proprietary flyers and other effective visual aides (using my legal exhibits and graphics knowledge from my trial days) assisting you in sharing facts and objective material that Thrive is the best product in its class in the marketplace;
  • Allowing you the option of joining my marketing vision, supporting you with strategies, materials, etc. (you decide whether to opt-in);
  • Be your sounding board, helping you discover the “what if’s” and potential solutions to them;
  • Providing legal information about business formations to assist you in the process.

Independent of my assistance the upline for my team are all Platinum Executives (meaning sold more than $200,000 in a month). One of your uplines and her team even sold more than $2 million dollars in one month in 2012.  Each is an outstanding trainer with their own techniques.

Between the Thrive consultant training provided by the company, myself or my upline you will have strong business resources in helping you achieve your personal goals and dreams!



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