Starter Kits

Starter Kits

The cost of becoming a Thrive Life Consultant is low, ranging from  $129 to $474  (previously they were $199 to $579).  These starter kits are great values, include a gluten free option and at a great price even if you were not planning on becoming a consultant.  (Different kits exist for Canada and Alaska.)

Choose from one of three options:


This flyer does not have photos of the two 72 inch Harvests.  Click to learn more about the Harvest 72″ or the Harvest 72″ #10.  If you choose the $474 Business Builder Plus Kit you are getting one of the Harvest models for only $215!

I would be happy to discuss with you which kit I recommend and why as well as answer any of your questions about becoming a Thrive Life Consultant.  Just drop me an email at thrive at northstate dot net.

I look forward to talking with you! –Debi

(Note:  shipping and sales tax are not included.)


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