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Join The Team to Thrive

I’ve given you a general summary of what to expect so it will stimulate your questions and thinking as to whether being a Thrive Life Consultant is for you and your family.  I’ve also shared some distinctions or uniqueness you’ll experience when you join the team to thrive with Survive-Thrive.Us and colleagues.join the team

There are some things we do in life that are very individual specific while others can be generic.   For example, how we drive, getting car insurance, putting gas in a car, etc., these are things that are generally done the same way, no matter where we are in the country.

When it comes to business, although you can learn from others’ successes as well as what did not work, at the end of the day it is an individualized decision.  For example, how some consultants find customers may be through home parties, a church or community group, expos, the Internet, etc.

My viewpoint is helping you decide whether being a consultant is the right decision at the right time for you.


How do you know that I have the skills you need for your venture if you have not spoken with me?  How can I assess whether I have the skills you need if I have never spoken with you?  Will you be better served with your interests and investment (It’s not just money.  It’s also your time.) if I refer you to someone else who I feel can better address you needs, whether on my team or on a separate team?  As a lawyer, if we are looking after the interests of a prospective client (other than just our personal interest) we refer others to another skilled attorney when we know that attorney has developed an expertise with successful results in a particular area.

Also, I do not post resources or delve too deeply in aspects that one could consider proprietary online for the benefit of my team.  If you want to know if I have something in particular you’re looking for, then you will need to speak with me. 🙂

Should it Make a Difference Who Is Your Enroller?

Thrive’s policy is that your initial enroller is the primary person responsible for your training and being your “go-to” person.  If you want to develop a going business, then don’t you think you need to see what your potential enroller has to offer you?

My team members are also responsible for training the consultants they enroll.  As part of their upline I help them whenever possible, giving those enrolled with them access to team materials, etc.

Join the team 2I get requests from consultants outside our team to train them for expos, give them legal advice, etc.  Unfortunately I cannot do that.  I made an agreement with my initial consultants that materials and resources I have stay within the team.  And then there is the practical aspect.  If I spread myself too thin, then I risk not being able to support my team members.

If what I’ve shared sounds interesting and you want to learn more, then please feel free to contact me at “thrive” at “northstate” dot “net”.  Make sure you include your contact information, with the best time(s) and day(s) to contact you along with your cell and home phone number(s).  If you’re satisfied that you would like me as your enroller, then please click the “Become a Consultant and Join My Team” button on the right side.  (You can verify that you’re signing up under me by looking for my enroller number, #4403.)

I look forward to knowing and working with you. 🙂

Debi J





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