What Kind of Training Do You Provide?           

How I train  involves a multitude of factors and your learning style.

When teaching I learned each of us have a different learning style, i.e., some people are more visual learners, some through listening, etc.  So for you to have the shortest learning curve we need to develop a tailored plan oriented to your learning style.    

You share with me your goals.  We discuss your plan on achieving your goals and I share any insights I have for you to consider.  Once you have a general business plan or concept, then I use my experience in my career and with Thrive helping you with your goals.  Since each consultant has different backgrounds or needs what I do varies.

I will also help you with your first party from planning to hosting.  Some consultants prefer to do an expo with me for training.  At expos you'll get more opportunities for different customer queries and how to respond than you'll probably get in five home parties.  Expo training is an accelerated course.

Team training calls are also available whether from my upline or by myself.

As things progress and questions arise, I am available by phone, email or meeting, whatever works best for us.

The bottom line is there is no set way I train since I tailor my training to your needs.       

How will I find customers?

There are various ways to find customers.  You can initially start with your circle of family and friends by holding parties.  Many times those who attend parties want to have their own party because of Thrive's generous "double dip" policy.

But you're not limited to finding customers at parties.  Developing a good website means prospective customers come to you.

Participating at expos is also a great way to locate customers.  Our team routinely does expos.

I also spend time developing marketing venues for the team as well as myself.

In short, there are many ways to find them.   If you want to seriously work this opportunity as a business (versus selling occasionally), then you'll have the opportunity for turning this into a part time or full time income source.           

How is your team different from other consultants' teams?           

Obviously I do not know all the Thrive consultants who have developed teams. 

What about us makes the team shine? 

We have a diverse set of talents, with many members accomplished in careers (health care, financial analysts, educators, sales, small business owners, pastors, law, etc.) as well as being great homemakers.  Some of us are "foodies", "preppers" and penny pinching, bargain hunting grocery shoppers.  We are practicing Christians.  We try to work together as the disciples did after Jesus went to the cross instead of how they were self-focused before His death. 

We are focused, have goals and some of us have ministries. 

We are innovative, pioneering new ideas.  For example when most consultants focused on promoting Thrive for its long term storage aspect we were focusing on Thrive's nutrition and health benefits.  Since April 2012 Survive-thrive.us had the "Why Thrive" theme focusing on nutrition, non GMO, no MSG, no aspartame, no BPA, no food from China message and more.  When corporate did a major overhaul of the Thrive Life website in April 2014, they adopted many of our points, developing them further.​ 

We have joint team marketing and materials available independent of Thrive corporate materials. (For those only doing this part time the materials are professional, authoritative and give you credibility.)  Most of these materials are drafted by me with contributions by team members.  They have a copyright and only team members who join in the marketing​ plan, agree to the terms of use, etc., can use these materials without purchasing them.  (You only pay for your copying cost.)

We also spend time finessing dealing with different customer interests and hesitations to purchasing.  As a lawyer I really believe evidence and research are important persuasion tools.  You'll learn substantive responses to customer concerns and hesitations, not "puffery" or "shooting off the hip".

I also make newsletters, websites, and other materials available for your customers and use.  Our uplines do webinar calls.  By the Spring of 2016 or before I will also be adding webinars different from our uplines to our resource or tool kit.

My interests also include sharing legal pearls with you on business organization and some of the pitfalls to avoid in being self employed.

Any questions you have please feel free to ask me.  For proprietary reasons and protecting team interests, I limit being too specific about team marketing.  ​

Do you limit the geographical area of your team?           

I've learned geography is not as important as the meshing of business and work ethics, interests and whether someone can be a team player.

Thrive Life has a referral program for consultant leads.  These leads are distributed based on a certain level of individual sales and team performance. (Many, and probably most, consultants do not receive them.)  I regularly receive leads from this program and inquirers live from across the country to an adjoining county.

Initially I limited team members to living in my state, then regionally and now I am going nationwide with my team.

I've come to realize that whether one has the ability to positively assist, be accessible and approachable and have business acumen are more important than where we live.  If we were engaging in this business before the development of the Internet, cell phones, tablets and computers then only would our physical locations be key.

This belief has been reinforced by reading on the consultant message board some consultants complaining that they got no guidance from their local enroller.  Again, it all depends on the enroller and the the enrollee more than anything else.

So the only area that Thrive exports food that ​I would be hesitant to take a team member is Japan.  If the potential consultant was fluent in English, then I would be okay with their location.  (I cannot read or speak Japanese.)

You mentioned team members are Christians.  Do you have to be a Christian to be a member of this team?  

 No.  Everyone eats and needs to eat nutritious meals, save money on groceries and prepare for natural emergencies.

That being said I am a practicing Christian.  (Frequently I am asked what denomination.  I am a member of a Southern Baptist church.) 

I believe in the First Amendment rights of free speech and religion. (Constitutional law was one of my favorite subjects in law school.)  It is not unusual for me to mention something related to my faith.  I will talk about Jesus when I wish and you can or cannot do the same.  (I do not beat people over the head with the Bible.  For it to be real each person has to find the Lord, not be forced or pressured by others through social engagement.)  

So if you can accept that I might send out a prayer request on something important, someone needing prayer, etc., then you should join the team.

However, be aware that some of our marketing is ministry marketing.  Only believers can use materials specifically marketed to the Christian community.  Why?  Most engaged Christians can sense whether someone is a believer independent of someone's statements.  If they think you're not a believer, then this not only hurts your credibility but the team's credibility.

We have secular versions of most of these materials that you can use.  (We also market to secular and different faith based groups.  Again, faith has nothing to do with individuals needing to be healthy, save money or prepare for natural occurrences.)

Overall, we do conduct the team with Christian principles, i.e., no greed, fighting, back-biting but unity, joint purpose​ and truthfulness.   Everyone wins with employing Christian conduct marketplace principles.

How much does it cost to get started?

After selecting which starter kit fits your budget, how you wish to market affects your expenses.

For example, every consultant should get professional business cards.  I have multiple templates available for use or you can create your own.  I will share third party sources for printed marketing materials that are high quality with reasonable prices.

There are additional expenses involved if you want to do expos or develop a website. 

​For those who want their own internet website presence (independent of your own Thrive Life store which costs 9.99 monthly) over the months I have collected some very prime URLs. If you will actively work on your website and be a consultant I will let you use those names (only requiring you pay the annual renewal fee). Should you decide you don’t want to be a consultant, then that URL will revert back to me.   This saves you buying good names from a third party broker or auction.

Of course you are welcome to get your URL name independent of my “collection”. After you sign up just let me know if you would like to consider some of my URLs. Maybe they will stir your creativity.

If you are concerned about initial startup costs for your marketing plan, then I am happy to help you work on a budget and prioritize needs.​

Compared to other businesses, especially direct selling companies, a Thrive Consultant business is inexpensive in getting started.​

Should I have a website?

After selecting which starter kit fits your budget, how you wish to market affects your expenses.

Thrive provides you with a nice professional website and web office on their  website for 9.99. (The first month is free.)  You can see my website hosted on the corporate website by clicking here.

Independently I developed a personal Thrive website that my team members and customers use.  You may visit it at www.survive-thrive.us.​

There is no requirement that you develop a personal website.  Personally, I think that it adds to your credibility.  It shows customers you're here to stay and take your business seriously.  Plus more consumers prefer to do their shopping online and are moving away from the "storefront" model.

Over the months I have collected some very prime URLs for future team members. If you will actively work on your website and be a consultant I will let you use those names (only requiring you pay the annual renewal fee). Should you decide you don't want to be a consultant, then that URL will revert back to me.

​Of course you are welcome to get your URL name independent of my "collection".  After you sign up just let me know if you would like to consider some of my URLs. Maybe they will stir your creativity.

When you join the team and wish to discuss developing a website, let me know.  Hopefully I can help you save time and give you some valuable tips.

 Are Thrive and Thrive Market the same company?


Thrive MARKET is a newer company that has come on the scene in the last two years.  They are resellers of non-gmo and organic processed foods, shampoos and other personal care items.

Thrive MARKET is a membership or subscription based website.  They do have an affiliate program where if your blog refers them a new customer and they join you earn 25% of their membership signup fee.  You get no commission or residuals from the purchases of your referrals.  Unless you have huge website traffic or an incredibly large newsletter list, your earnings might buy you a couple cups of Starbucks a month.

Does Thrive sell the patch for weight loss?


Le-Vel, a multilevel marketing company, has a product line called "Thrive".  It features a transdermal patch that is supposed to provide vitamins and nutrients for weight loss.  It also has its blend of weight loss shakes. Le-Vel and their Thrive line is another relatively new company on the Internet scene.

When you read any reviews about Thrive as a business opportunity, make sure you distinguish between Le-Vel, the weight loss company, and Thrive Life.  I have seen multiple, negative reviews about Le-Vel.  Again, THEY ARE NOT US.  Thrive Life is located in American Fork, Utah.

Do you know Thrive Life's rating with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes.  Thrive Life is the trade name.  The parent company is Shelf Reliance, LLC.   It has a rating of A+, the highest.

Compare that with the multi-level marketing company Le-Vel, that markets their Thrive patches, weight loss shakes and vitamins  Their BBB rating is F as of 1/23/2016.  If you are investigating Le-Vel as a business opportunity, then I suggest that you consider Thrive Foods instead.  When companies have a F rating, the lowest, then one has to wonder how much longer they will be in existence.

Also as a testament to Thrive's quality and management, not all of their competitors in the long term storage industry has an A+.  For example, Emergency Essentials, as of 1/23/2016, has a B. 

Before working with any company you should investigate their business reputation.  BBB is just one source.

Was your question answered?  Would you like to see another question answered and posted here?  Please contact me by clicking the button below.  I look forward to hearing from you!



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