Exclusive Offer For New Team Members!


For new team members and I am your enroller, for a limited time I have a special offer:  I will give you some of my benefits and let you get some of our food at half off of the retail price!  (You use my half off benefits to purchase additional food.  This is exclusive of any sales tax and shipping charges associated with using these benefits.)

If you purchase the SOCIAL SELLER NEW CONSULTANT KIT, then you can buy up to $75.00 of food at HALF OFF!

If you purchase the BUSINESS BUILDER KIT, then you can purchase up to $150.00 of food for half off!

If you purchase the BUSINESS BUILDERS PLUS Kit, then you can purchase up to $250.00 of food at half off!

Click Here for Contents of Kits

How does this work?  Once you meet the requirements, you contact me  with your list of items you want that are in stock (Thrive does not give rainchecks).  I have to place the order.  So if you got the social builder package you would give me a list of food you want up to $150.00 based on retail price.  That means, if you got $150.00 of food, you would only pay $75.00, plus any food tax (some states do not have food tax.  NC charges 2%) and the shipping charges.

Additional Requirements:

You must set up your Q Club Membership within 5 days of enrolling as a consultant.

You must have your monthly shipments processed and completed for the first 3 months.

You must process your initial Q purchase within 30 days of signing up.  ​

You must redeem your half off product benefit within 30 days or less of meeting the above requirements.​ (Benefits we get as a consultant have time expirations on them.

Why am I doing this?  Because I know if you start early on incorporating Thrive into your and your family's meals that you'll be hooked on the nutritional value and convenience in fixing quick, healthy meals!

Guess what?  When you start eating Thrive and appreciate cooking with it, you're a much better seller of it!  You're comfortable educating others.

This offer is for new team members who sign up before Sunday, April 16, 2017 or while supplies last.  (If you have a question about whether it is still available, write me at "thrive" at "northstate.net".)  

I encourage you to explore this website and learn the advantages of becoming a Thrive Life Consultant.

So How Do I Get Started Today?

  • Get a Business!
  • Have a "Plan B"!
  • Help People Find Healthier Food!
  • Help People Save on Their Groceries--NO MONEY LOST ON FOOD WASTE Plus Buying in BULK available!
  • Earn Free and Half Off Product!
  • Have Fun Doing It While Being a Blessing to Others!
  • Plus during this special limited time offer get an additional $75 to $250 in half off food!

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