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One of the most important aspects of your success with Thrive is who you select to be your enroller.  I know my enroller helped me along the way with what I needed.

We’re unique, created by Him.  Although I am a lawyer, to stereotype me with your typical lawyer image, it’s like putting a square in a round hole.

Here's my short description:  Entrepreneur.  Educator.  Lawyer.  Encourager.  Christian.  Passionate.  Creative.  Communicator.  Researcher.  Analyst.  Leader.

We are a product of our experiences (personal and family history), talents, gifts, and our relationship with Him. 

So what makes me “tick”?

The DNA Pedigree​

I’ve been blessed to experience living the American Dream first hand.  Through hard work, ethics and His providence you can leave values and a better life for future generations.  The road will have rocks, obstacles and detours but with His help, focus and determination, success will come.

Where I am today was the result from the work and toil of others. 

My late Dad learned a trade, repairing cars.  He worked long, hard hours six days a week.  When I was a sophomore in high school he had an opportunity to buy out his employers’ auto repair business.

His hard work and his auto repair shop put my brother through college and me through law school with no debt.  When he died, he was a self-made man, despite being functionally illiterate with a second grade formal education.  He was brilliant, full of wisdom and blessed by Him.

My father had the most influence over me in my career. 

My Dad taught me to get as much education that was possible and shoot for the best schools.  If there was an extracurricular activity that could help develop my skills, do it.


I am a true Daddy's girl. I was blessed that the Lord allowed me to have my Dad. He worked hard and sacrificed so much so my brother and I would have opportunities for meaningful careers.

Thank you Dad!​

The Formal and Informal Education​

I’ve been privileged in attending some great universities, George Washington University (2 BA’s: Speech Communications and Broadcasting and American Studies, an interdisciplinary study of economics, politics and American History), Georgetown and UNC School of Law.

My exposure to politics came from being a Congressional Intern to two U.S. Congressmen.

In high school and college I was an award winning extemporaneous speaker and debater on the regional and national level.  From that experience I learned not just how to express myself, think on my feet, take apart opponents arguments (invaluable when practicing law as it put me on the fast track), but more importantly, how to research and analyze large quantities of data.

Most of the valuable learning of business was informal learning on “my father’s knee”.  Formal education and experiences just reinforced his teachings.


Since high school engaging in activities serving others gave meaning and fulfillment. 

When committing to something I pour myself into it.  This characteristic is one of the reasons in high school that Governor Holshouser recognized me as one of the 30 outstanding youths of NC for their youth leadership day.

But today that same level of energy (and more) goes into my food and health ministry as well as church activities.

When you give your time, talent and treasure you get more back than you gave.  In fulfilling your true calling you serve.   (After all, did not Jesus come to serve?)

What I Am Doing Today

I am practicing law part time, engaged in my food and health ministry while developing the team’s outreach and training of like-minded individuals who want to help people while developing their own businesses.

Helping others develop economic security while blessing others with the ability to improve their health, save on groceries and prepare for food supply disruptions has become a new marketplace ministry for me.

This season in my life cycle helping people live a better quality of life and have better health is my passion.  I’ve been blessed in multiple ways and want to share with others.  My legal career goals were achieved years ago.  (The kahuna watermark was to get a 7 figure jury verdict which I achieved in 1989.) 

When you consider my health struggles over the last 10 years (see About Me page), primarily caused by the negligence of others which damaged my neurological system, I am a walking and talking miracle by God’s grace.  A major part of His therapy was teaching me about nutrition and the weaknesses of our food supply system.  I've gone from being on as many as 10 to 12 medications to zero medications the last three years.  

Thrive Foods is a major part of my healing process.  (If you met me without knowing what happened, you’d never guess I was ever injured.  Thank you Lord!)  Selling Thrive gives me a platform for sharing how we can improve our health.

Team Expansion​

I’ve made the shift from limiting the number of team members to expanding our group and help others develop their own business and Plan B.  In doing so I combine my legal, business and educational background assisting others in obtaining their American Dream!  Personally it’s more rewarding seeing people become self-sufficient than it is to defend corporate America.  

I get inquiries routinely from other Thrive consultants wanting assistance with a variety of aspects, i.e., me to train them how to do a trade show, copies of original research, wanting legal advice, etc.)  If the consultants are not on my 1st, 2nd or 3rd levels, their requests are politely declined.  All of my energy, per agreement, goes to the team.  I will not run the risk of spreading myself too thin. 


I take being a leader seriously.  Some don’t know how to handle the pressures and challenges it brings. 

In one form or fashion I’ve been in leadership roles most of my life.  My leadership abilities were recognized early in high school, continued in college holding multiple offices, including VP of the GWU student government, starting two law practices, merging my practice with a top 50 law firm in Virginia, and more.  When practicing in Virginia, I was appointed head of their medical malpractice division for both NC and Virginia.  As first chair attorney in their largest cases,  we obtained their largest settlement in the firm’s history.

Those who are leaders know that it’s not an easy job and all glory.  Harry S. Truman was correct when he said “the buck stops here.”  You have to take responsibility for the good and the bad.  You deal with things you’d rather not address at times and work towards resolution. 

Through the Survive-Thrive.US food and health ministry I’ve met some wonderful people, colleagues and customers.  I’ve also made some good friends who are like family.  We are there for each other.

Take the Leap!

Would you like to talk with me more?  I’d love to learn about you and your goals.  Just drop me a line at thrive at northstate dot net, tell me you got my email from this website or give me a call at 336 823 0008.  (I get solicitations from third parties by my information posted here.  Their inquiries are deleted.)

Or if you’re ready to join the team, have some fun, share, learn, earn a good return for targeted efforts, make new friends and help others, then click the button on the right column to join my team.

Looking forward to a profitable and meaningful relationship!


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