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Introduction–Thrive Life Opportunity

Becoming A Thrive Life Consultant


Welcome to my Site with more information on how to become a Thrive Life Consultant (formerly Shelf Reliance).

I cover many factors for your consideration, not just the “Why” or “What you should consider” but share with you more about my team since Thrive Life requires that you be enrolled by another consultant.

While this site is under development (and when I finish the site this line will be removed 🙂 ), I also invite you to explore my main website,, which I allow my team members to use in promoting their own business.  If you read some of the pages, you’ll see it has the “team” flavor.

There’s A Market Need for Thrive Foods

Everybody needs to eat.  There’s more food choices available for us.  We’re more than blessed.  Just look at our abdomens if you have any doubt.

When it comes to healthy foods that are quick and convenient, we have few food choices at reasonable cost.

This short clip below demonstrates that there is a virtually untapped market for our product.

Do you see why there’s a Food Revolution shaping (which is long overdue!)? 

The Opportunity

The need to protect our own health, helping others while being generously rewarded within the food industry is shared below.  I encourage you to watch the video so your mind can see the uniqueness of having a Thrive Foods business.

 We’re in a key moment of history where the food distribution and food nutrition systems are changing for the better.  Just like consumers over a hundred years ago evolved from growing their food to purchasing it at stores professionally canned, frozen or as produce, we will in the upcoming years shift to freeze and dehydrated foods without spoilage that are conveniently delivered to our homes.

Thrive is at the forefront of this shifting movement.  It’s not just a matter of convenience and saving money.  We are giving consumers non-GMO and organic foods at prices they can afford!

If you would like to discuss more about this opportunity, then I would love to talk with you.  You’ll find I am open and candid, telling you the good, the bad and ugly (but I am not related to Clint Eastwood).  You can email me at thrive at northstate dot net.

I am looking forward to us taking this journey together.  But wherever your journey leads you, may you be abundantly blessed!!  –Debi




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