Become A Thrive Life Consultant

Introduction–Thrive Life Opportunity

Becoming A Thrive Life Consultant


Welcome to my Site with more information on how to become a Thrive Life Consultant (formerly Shelf Reliance).

I cover many factors for your consideration, not just the “Why” or “What you should consider” but share with you more about my team since Thrive Life requires that you be enrolled by another consultant.

While this site is under development (and when I finish the site this line will be removed :) ), I also invite you to explore my main website,, which I allow my team members to use in promoting their own business.  If you read some of the pages, you’ll see it has the “team” flavor.

While there, make sure that you check out these pages:

Become a Thrive Life Consultant (formerly Shelf Reliance)

Motivation, Mission and Vision


For those who want their own internet website presence (independent of your own thrivelife store which costs 9.99 monthly) over the months I have collected some very prime URLs.  If you will actively work on your website and be a consultant I will let you use those names (only requiring you pay the annual renewal fee).  Should you decide you don’t want to be a consultant, then that URL will revert back to me.

Of course you are welcome to get your URL name independent of my “collection”.  After you sign up just let me know if you would like to consider some of my URLs.  Maybe they will stir your creativity.

Personally over the last 2 years I have built a going website.  I believe that websites add credibility, gives customers the image that you’re in for the “long haul” and an effective way to supplement  your communications with them.  More and more customers are moving away from the storefront model and going Internet as witnessed by our recent Christmas shopping season.

If you would like to discuss more about this opportunity, then I would love to talk with you.  You’ll find I am open and candid, telling you the good, the bad and ugly (but I am not related to Clint Eastwood).  You can email me at thrive at northstate dot net.

I am looking forward to us taking this journey together.  But wherever your journey leads you, may you be abundantly blessed!!  –Debi




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